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Joining Windyhill

Membership Offer

14 months for 12

Join Windyhill Golf Club now and become part of a friendly membership which plays on one of the best courses in the area.

Enjoy the panoramic views of Glasgow and the surrounding area as you complete your round.

Join now and play until the last day of December 2010 for the price of just 12 months golf.

Pay for 2020's golf at 2019 prices.

A deposit of £50 guarantees play for 14 months - no more to pay until January 2020.

No joining fee.

And, should you wish to spread the payment of your subscription over 11 months, a direct debit scheme is available. These payments begin on 1st February 2020 and end on 1st December 2020.

Call or email now for details:-
0141 942 2349

Joining Windyhill

Flexible Membership

This is a new type of membership which might suit golfers who, at present, are unable to commit themselves to any form of full time membership but hope to play some golf during the year. It is a mixture of club membership and pay & play.

A handicap can be earned and participation in medals is permissible. However, golfers with this form of membership cannot take part in any of Windyhill's knockout matchplay competitions and there are no voting rights available.

The cost for 2019 is £220 and this includes the Scottish Golf / Dumbartonshire Golf Union affiliation fee of £17. Thereafter, a green fee charge is made for all games played on the course.

For 2019, these charges are £20.00 to play any Saturday or Sunday and £10.00 to play on a Monday - Friday, inclusive.

Application can be made to the Windyhill Office :-

Tel 0141 942 2349

or call in at the Pro Shop

Weekly Membership


Visiting the area on holiday and wanting to play golf?

Play Windyhill as many times a day as you can manage and often as you like over a 7 day period for only £70


Visit the Pro Shop

Call 0141 942 2349


Looking for a handicap?

Earn an official golf handicap as a temporary member of Windyhill

Play 3 official club Medals and earn an official handicap for ONLY £75

Perhaps after earning your handicap you will be keen to become a members of Windyhill Golf Club

As a special incentive, the £75 payment will be deducted from your annual membership fee.

Ask for details.


Visit Pro Shop

Tel 0141 942 2349


New Members Welcome


Windyhill offers a variety of membership options to meet the needs of the modern golfer.
These range from the full membership option, the Ordinary Category, for golfers who wish to play all year round, to the Limited Play Category for those whose family and work commitments reduce the time available to play.
Discounted rates are also available for golfers up to and including the age of 30 years.

Membership Fees for 2019

Full Membership (all day every day of the year) - £855
Weekday [Monday-Friday] - £655
Limited Play (points based) - £445
Intermediate [Aged 27-30] - £595
Intermediate [Aged 23-26] - £515
Youth [Aged 18-22] - £335
Junior [Aged 15-17] - £60
Junior [Aged 10-14] - £30

Make sure you read the MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS page on the website to find out all you can gain by joining Windyhill.

Fees can be paid by direct debit over 6 or 11 months
Contact Tel : 0141 942 2349
Email :
Or complete the form on the Contact Us page of this website


2019 PRICE

£445 for up to 26 games of golf ( if playing any weekday, Monday - Friday, at 10 points per game)

Click here for full details on the LIMITED PLAY category of membership.


Windyhill offers a Family Membership which covers 2 parents and up to 3 children under 18 years of age.

The cost for this Family Membership is £900 per annum, (excluding SGU/DGU rates and bar card levy]

This represents a significant saving of up to £900 as the equivalent standard rate would be £1,800[ 2 adults @ £855 3 children @ £90)




Membership fees may be paid on an annual basis in January or by 6 or 11 monthly payments.
Members can download, complete and then return to the club office the DIRECT DEBIT PAYMENT MANDATE FORM.


CLICK HERE to read of some of the comments our visitors wrote about their enjoyment in playing Windyhill.

The next best thing to playing as a visitor is to join and become a member.

Read our "Membership Benefits" page to find out what you can gain by being a member.
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